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Haiku Link
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the most famous haiku of all, Bashō's "Old Pond" haiku:

old pond

a frog jumps into

the sound of water

translated by Jane Reichhold

An Introduction to Advanced Haiku by Ashley Copes

Cell Phone Policy
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Cell Phone Policy and Partners

To achieve our drawing class competencies we form an interconnected learning community.  Recent research indicates that multitasking with cell phones causes less empathy amongst peers and less effective learning.

It is key to your success for everyone to agree on a cell phone policy. The policy should promote meaningful drawing insights. You do not want spontaneous interruptions, either by your cell phone use, or by the use of cell phones by others.  To avoid these interruptions you will create, manage, and abide by your class cell phone policy.

Your policy will be monitored by a 5-member peer group, not the teacher.

Here are policies for cell phone that have been considered by previous classes.

1.     No Cell Phones during class at all.  Check your phones only during breaks.
2.     Stop class every X number of minutes to check cell phones.
3.     When one person pulls out their phone the whole class stops and checks their phone.
4.     Other -- Create your own policy here:

Your policy’s rules:

Violators: What happens to violators of the policy? 
Examples: Points lost, warning tickets, leave room, warnings first then phone removed

Monitors:  Select 5 class members who will enforce the cell phone policy. 

No warning: If your policy does not work penalty points are deducted from everyone’s grade.

Music:  Please share your music choices with the group by selecting non-invasive music, preferably instrumental, to add to our playlist to play during drawing periods.

Partners: You will have a different partner each class.  You and your changing partners will build communication skills and professional vocabulary as you expand your drawing skills.

New Color Chapter Video
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Luanne and I just posted our new video on the color chapter. It's illustrated with Paper53 for our design fundamental course.

Screen Capture Video
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Creating Screen Recordings with QuickTime Player ...

  1. To create a new screen recording with QuickTime Player:

    1. Launch QuickTime Player and choose File, New Screen Recording (the keyboard shortcut is Control, Command, N).

    2. Press the Record button.

    3. A screen with additional instructions will appear. ...

    4. When you're finished, click on Stop Recording on the Menu Bar.

    NOTE:  The stop button is hard to find! Look in the top right corner row of icons near the wireless connection and dropbox icons. There will be a stop recording DOT.  Really hard to see if you don't know where to look.

Sketchbook Pro tutorials
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Introduction and comparing drawing in SBP and Photoshop.
Introduces the tools palettes.

Drawing from Nature to Create Fashion
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Great day in Fadhion Drawing. Summer 2015 at the Art Institute of Austin

Apply inspiration from outside sources to fashion drawing.
Use original photos as texture, color, and shape resources.
Use raw 3-D materials for tactile texture

Cell phones
Drawing supplies and paper

Go outside and closely observe a variety of plants and ground textures such a stone, dirt, mulch.
Take a minimum of 20 photographs to uses a source materials.
Discuss your photos and ideas with your fellow students and share exciting finds.
You may also use found objects such as feathers.
You may pick limited numbers of leaves and flower petals.  Be respectful of the landscape.
Bring your photos and materials back to the studio and Let's Draw!
Use your croquis templates that you've been making all term.

Results and Teacher Reflections
When I went out first the students were smoking, texting, and gossiping.  Some had taken one casual photo and called it quits.  I energetically demanded 20 required photographs! Students decided that I meant business so they started looking more closely at the environment for ideas.  A few of them started collecting leaves, petals, and feathers.  This trend caught on and a number of students wanted to go 3-D raw material collecting, reminding me of Leigh Hyam's drawing seminar adventures outside drawing with natural materials directly on paper.

When students came back to the studio they instantly went to work and were quiet and inspired.  They worked quickly and creatively with the raw materials.  I couldn't beleive the confidence level that a few minutes in nature had instilled in the students.  They remained focused on their work for 25 minutes then we had an art show on the white board.  Next we used the strengths from that critique to make a second 25 minute drawing that showed sustained creativity building on the work of the group.  Ideas were flying around the room and the quality of the drawings soared.

This was the most fun I've ever had teaching a class. Thank you students.  You are amazing.

The colors were inspired by real natural colors of the plants, flowers and sky and were more harmonious and less naive than usual.  The shapes were also informed by nature as well as by standard fashion silhouettes.

Student Comments

I feel like I really was able to be free and carefree about today's activities.  Being able to pick what I wanted to inspire me really helped me to think outside of my self and really use my imagination. I am inspired by ow well everyone did today and how well they did with really creating something from scratch and being inspires by one thing.  I really liked today's learning and it helped me understand more how to be inspired by everything and anything. -- Krystal

Today I was really inspired by nature.  I feel like it is a good way to gain inspiration.  I would like to learn a little more about illustrating things in real life.  - Jessica

Being inspired by nature really helped me explore the different elements.  My drawing inspired by the gravel really helped me understand how to sketch texture, repetition, and motion.  - Austin

My strengths in today's drawing showed a 3-D look by choosing to use real leaves for texture and create motion to show color and motion.  -- Sandie

I can definitely ssee my classmates are getting extremely awesome.  I really love this class' exchange of positive criticism.  Starbuck, as well as my classmates, motivate me to push myself.  I definitely am so excited for this week's homework.  (draw from nature)  -- Steph

Krystal feather and cigarette dress

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Fountain pen I'll get later:

Florida vacation.
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Honoria and Hoppy on the high seas.

Poinsiana tree in bloom Miami Beach

Jesse fishing.

Family gathering Knut's birthday
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Jacob's Well swimming hole.

Lacas Mom & Andrew
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With Uncle Laddie's painting of the Everglades.


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