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Space Mermaid - Gesture Drawing Game
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One of my students drew her 6-year-old neice as homework.  The neice turned it into a game and demanded that my student guess what she was posing as.  My student guessed wrong and the neice announced that she was posing as a "space mermaid".  When my student told the story in class, it became obvious to our learning community to start playing space mermaid right away.  So when the model did not show up students took turns modeling as a character.  Artist students drew the modeling student, then had to guess what kind of character the model was enacting through their gesture pose.  The missed interpretations made it fun, while at the same time showing that gestures can be interpreted differently.

Last night our lesson was drawing crowds as a unit and the next lesson is on animals.  So the first hour of drawing 3 students took turns being a crowd creating a narrative for everyone to draw.

IMG_7480 IMG_7486

The second hour of drawing we played space mermaid and student acted our animals.  The student drew the model in the form of a hybrid animal-human creature.


  1. One or more person poses as a character or animal.

  2. Everyone else draws interpreting the pose to capture BOTH the gesture and the character/animal quality

  3. Drawing students tell their interpretation and show drawing

  4. Model student tells what character/animal/story they were portraying.

We give students 7 minutes to develop a composition of their strongest gestures incorporating more than one drawing.  This time includes the ability to cut out and reconfigure elements on a separate paper.  Students drawing in digital programs do this automatically in class anyway.

IMG_7487 IMG_7490 IMG_7491
IMG_7493 IMG_7495


A focus of the class was to create narragive art by using multiple models as a stand-in for a crowd.  I really enjoyed playing "space mermaid" animal edition. I feel like you were able to put story in your drawing... I have a minute at the end to add detail and story.  I feel like this would have been a great class to take before storyboarding.  Aaron B.

I really enjoyed the space mermaid game with animals and crowds.  The animal part made my creative gears really turn.  The crowd part was a challenge for me.  Drawing 3 people in 3 minutes was a challenge.  I really want to work on line quality.  It I can fix it then I can start adding leading edges to my images.  Really thought about relationships more during this session.  You can see it with my Phoenix and Monkey.  Looks like the two know each other or are speaking. Kim B.

I was a lot mor comfortable & seemed to really understand the dimensions to create animals from imagination through the space mermaid technique.  Using complementary colors and light and dark contrast made it easy to distinguish different characters in the group staging drawings.  Doug G.

I really enjoyed making hybrid characters.  Looking at everyone's drawing it seems like no model days have a certain excitement to them, creating a game according to Carnen's story was very successful. Staging is starting to get easier for myself and others in the classroom.  Much improvement in everyone and I feel I have improved on many things using staging props and showing directional force.  Lerma

Wow!  Today was fun!  We all go to be hybrid characters!  Using my very own space mermaid technique we got to become our very own animals and strech our creativity to the limits of all kinds of force.  We also go to interact with drawing crowds whch was very new and exciting.  Carmen N.


One ideal in gesture drawing is spontaneity, however students often get bogged down in self criticism or trying to make their drawing realistic.  I use many tricks to bring action and energy to their drawings, however, nothing tops modeling spontaneity as a teaching tool.  So when a student brought up the story of space mermaid I jumped on it as a class spawned "technique" to incorporate into their practice of gesture drawing.  Turning gesture drawing into a full participatory game worked wonders to loosen up the students.  First they were creative as models, and they became more creative as artists.  The cycle was fun, engaging, and the lessons from the day were integrated into the drawings.

I recommend watching out for opportunity to turn student stories into games and challenging the to integrate their creativity as models as well as artists.  They will be the actors in their animations since the motions they give their characters will be part of their creative futures in media arts and animation and in game art.

Thank you Henry
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Henry Tarin at Big Bertha's Paradise hosted a field trip for my students to style a mannequin with a fully-accessorized look, then take photos to draw from.
Each team started with a different theme and Henry helped make each outfit Wow-worthy!  Here is the class with the resulting photos.  I used the Comic Book app on my iPad to build the Thank You card.

Student Comments

Today I learned that when creating a look you must have a clear concept in mind before you begin to style!  I found it interesting that when styling you really must pay close attention to wht the article of clothing or accessory says to the overall story.  -- Drew B

Today I learned the value of a real world example  It's hard to simply imagine the complexity of clothes in a 3-D space.  - Kit L

Today was a great experience. I learned putting articles of clothing together is a story (Gestalt).  I learned it's OK to be weird and crazy.  I am learning everything is OK.  Seeing the patterns and textures and getting inspired through the drawings was very helpful.  Working in teams and coming to a common ground was all about communication. - Brittany O

Teacher Reflection

Taking the students to a real-word working fashion store helped them to get a real feel for how different textures and combinations of pieces come together to tell a story.  Henry is a master of fashion story-telling and my students all came away with more knowledge than they expected.

Mail Art Invitation - Apollo 11
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I'm a multimedia artist from Poland, associated with gallery of action
( ).
I am having the pleasure to invite you for the participation in a new art
project, called "The Eagle Has Landed: Apollo 11 - 45 Years
Best regards
Wo Rozynski

The Eagle Has Landed: Apollo 11 - 45 Years Later
Forty-five years ago, humankind made a giant leap.
On July 20, 1969, the spaceflight Apollo 11 landed on the moon, and
American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin
became the first humans to walk on the lunar surface.
While Collins remained in the Command Module, Armstrong and Aldrin ventured
onto the surface of the moon. Upon landing, Armstrong radioed in his famous
message: "Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed."
Armstrong and Aldrin spent two-and-a-half hours on the moon, according to, performing experiments and collecting data before returning to
the Command Module, and eventually Earth.
In addition to leaving an American flag, Armstrong and Aldrin left a plaque
that read: "Here men from the planet Earth first set foot on the moon
— July 1969 A.D. — We came in peace for all mankind." The team
returned to Earth on July 24, 1969.

•       Size: 10 x 15 cm – max A4
•       Free medium – all techniques
•       No return,
•       Documentation: website, CD
•       Deadline: the end of 2014
•       Exhibition: Warsaw, Radom, Podkowa Lesna (Poland)

Please send your envelope & artwork to:

Wo Rozynski
P. O. Box 75
05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Electric throw good reviews
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Beautyrest Microlight Reverse to Berber Heated Throw

Slowing it down
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I'm tired.

I'm going to slow down,
enjoy the sun.

I'll teach 2 classes for 8 hours of action.
I become even more tired thinking of that.

So I will tai chi and slow down and
let tomorrow arrive with
its students
and structures.

And when tomorrow comes
I'll meet it with new energy
because today I slowed down,
enjoyed the sun.

Paper53 MIX collaboration drawings
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Lately I've been doing some fashion drawing doodles using as inspiration existing drawings on the Paper53 Mix collaboration platform.
Here are a few examples from Fall 2014. Recently I printed some on metallic paper and they achieve a glowing sense of the additive color of light of the iPad screen upon which they are drawn.

Prints of these original digital drawings are for sale just in time for the holidays. 40% of the price will be invested in art supplies for my students, most of whom are on financial aid.

·       Metallic Print = 11x 14 inches
·       Double Matted = 16 x 20 archival mat
·       Shipping Size 18 x 6 x 24 inches
·       Shipping weight 2.7 lbs
·       Price $134

·       Metallic Print = 8 x 10
·       Double Matted = 11 x 14 archival mat
·       Shipping Size 19 x 12 x 4 inches
·       Shipping weight 1.1 lbs
·       Price $87

More in this collection at

Assessing Creativity
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Peter Nilsson
mail: pbnilsson (at)
tweets:  (at) pnilsson

Olive Logos
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Drawing a round logo in PhotoShop

Mediterranean Palette.

Link to my mail art dissertation - free download
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There have been a number of requests for my dissertation lately.  Here's the link to the free download.

This is an update on my activities sent to Anna Banana in October 2014
You can also buy a copy of the printed book.  The price exactly covers the price of the printing and shipping that charges.  Ruud Janssen is the one who organized this years after the dissertation was approved and I got my doctorate.  After that I learned the hard way that no one wanted to hire a post-middle aged Ph.D. with interdisciplinary education. Whoops!  I'm still paying that student loan back.  Now I'm teaching art in a for-profit Art Institute and I actually love my job.
I'm still doing mail art.  Mostly I send out my postcard paintings. Also I use rubber stamps and stencils. I get inspired to make postcard paintings in response to mail art themes.  I made 50 paintings on the Lord Byron theme but only sent one to the show.  The Lonely Shore (from Byron's Childe Harold) theme was irresistible.  I've been exchanging experimental draiwngs in India ink with Kaz in Japan.
You can see some of the mail art paintings at  My most recent series was not mail art inspired but I did send one to a mail artist in Berlin. The theme is young corn.  I went out painting as my husband flew drones over a crop of corn to document its health for a farmer.  I did about 50 "young corn" postcards.
I keep up with a few mail artists on facebook and Ning.

Anatomy of the Shoulder Girldle video
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Sycra's 45 minute video

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