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Drawing as a learning strategy


Drawing as a generative learning strategy means that learners convert verbal information (such as what they read in a textbook or hear in a lecture/lesson) into a visual information (some kind of drawing). For example, if you read about how a battery works, you might then draw a battery, illustrating the parts of the battery and the chemical reactions that take place in it.

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Students evaluating each other's drawings

I gave a colleague a very simple formative evaluation strategy that my drawing students at another school used in every class.  They gave each other awards. The awards were directly connected to the vocabulary.  For example, students put up their drawings, so first, there was a range of approaches to each drawing problem on display to draw comparisons from.  Each person had the list of the design fundamentals vocabulary and they could give awards only in the design fundamentals vocabulary categories. No goods, or greats, or I love its. 

Students could give a line weight award for a student who exhibited a variety of line weights in a drawing. To seal the award they had to describe the way the awarded element functioned in the drawing, one could call them form and function awards. "The thick weight of the line along the bottom of the feet (form) makes us feel the actual weight (function) of the model on the floor."  

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