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Polyconsciousness is what one researcher termed the resulting state of mind that divides attention between the physical world and the one our devices connect us to, undermining here-and-now interactions with actual people and things around us.

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Useful Flaneuse Quote

In Alan Jacobs’ latest newsletter, he tells a story of literally stumbling into the Pantheon and San Lorenzo in Lucina while wandering around Rome. (It’s so delicious to think about actually being able to flaneur and wander around a foreign city again one day.) Alan points out how different it felt to happen upon them by chance vs. actively seeking them out.

“Surprise is the great enabler of seeing,” Alan writes.

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Drawing as a learning strategy


Drawing as a generative learning strategy means that learners convert verbal information (such as what they read in a textbook or hear in a lecture/lesson) into a visual information (some kind of drawing). For example, if you read about how a battery works, you might then draw a battery, illustrating the parts of the battery and the chemical reactions that take place in it.

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