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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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All Girl ATC exchange
pinhole camera
- 20 original watercolor ATCs are off to Switzerland for the all girl exchange. Look under Sisters Exchange at http://www.artist-trading-cards.ch
- Cut up the Arches paper to start the grand larger-than-postcard series for the little restaurant exhibition.
- new series of 5 glittery ATC nasturtiums finished

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hi Honoria,

My department has forwarded a request for book reviewers for a journal called Consciousness, Literature and the Arts. One of the books they need reviewed is called Networked Art by Craig Saper, which sounds like it might be up your street? If this is something you'd be interested in I can forward the mail on to you, just let me know what email address to use...

I'd love to review Networked Art. I own the book and used a quote from it in my dissertation. Saper's ideas in Networked Art have a lot to do with my ongoing research. Please send info to honoria@mailartist.com

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