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This afternoon Anna, Knut, Janet and I are going to Matchstick Men...before that I want to finish a draft of my article on urban networks: and the mail art network. So today I will search for the best mail art sites on the web to verify my list. I found another drawing teacher job at Baylor that looks good for me. At flatbed press yesterday I met an artist named Jerry who gave me a tour of the presses, the prints, and the facilities then gave me a lagniappe, part of a reject print that he rescues, cuts up and mounts. I gave him a lagniappe too - one of my new series of Artists' Trading Cards. He picked one and said he really liked it even if it was in color. He's a black & white kind of artist - he did a cut out collage called Jackie at the OK corral. What an unexpected pleasure to suddenly immerse in the art world after an hour at the Texas Workforce offices where their automated system was matching me up with jobs like 10 key data entry because I have a lot of personal computer experience. Finally the counsellor said the database really didn't have jobs for Ph.D.s and that my search on the Chronicle of Higher Education and HigherEdJobs.com was the right strategy for me. So I got my unemployment check, the rent is paid, and I have too many creative ideas to realize.

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