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cubists in curlers

ok i admit it, i'm having too much fun. I found a great multi-tiered clear plexi holder for business cards that just fits as a display for artist trading cards. I'm painting ATCs at an almost alarming rate. Today I bought 200 more sleeves for them. I'm going to display a set at the women's chamber next friday. Lucky ladies will be able to pick them up for free since they also serve as my "business" cards. The newest groups of ATCs are
1) a black & white self-portrait series of mail artist at work in india ink and some black watercolor and maybe a dash of silver oil pastel and just a touch of glitter glue and
2) a series of a W model in front of a painting of circles which inspired me to render her as a cubist in curlers and that's really fun. The curlers are day glow orange with contrasting centers. I never did cubist drawing before. I'm still not a true cubist but I'm three ATC's closer than I was yesterday.

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