honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

codebreaker award

Went to Heather's spy party as Mata Hari last night. When we got to the party we were questioned by our hosts in a very official manner. One of the questions was, What is your goal in life? and another was, Will you go out on a date with me? After the query session we were given a 4-letter code written on a name tag. The goal was to break the code. I immediately undercovered in a group of cleaver thinkers who collectively figured out 3 of the 4 letters rather quickly, then another interview with a party-goer in a green feather mask cracked the final letter. At that point I sought out "Agent Lavender" of the central party intelligence agency who said, "You broke the code already?" I told her I was a qualitative researcher and broke the code through a series of collaborative interviews. At the end of the party I received a printed certificate of excellence in codebreaking. I told the audience that I would hang it next to my Ph.D. diploma. Ah, the rewards of scholarship:-)

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