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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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syllabi and ATCs in process
pinhole camera
I am working on a syllabus to teach a class in Artist Trading Cards, and one on Mail Art (history, hands on, and Mail Art & the Internet) for a museum education program. I'm also working on a painting syllabus based on Paint as you like and die happy by Henry Miller and the textbook Painting as a Language by Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel.

I am making suites of ATCs that fit in the nice plexiglass boxes designed for teams of sports cards. Thinking of ATCs as suites of related paintings to be placed in the display boxes inspires a whole range of new ideas. I also found some glass sandwich frames that hold a group of ATCs. Some for 3 and some for 4 ATCs. They will make good displays for the restaurant show. And I thought at first I had to make bigger paintings. Ha. I also drew a grid of 2.5x3/5 inch, ATC size, on a whole sheet of Arches WC paper and cut it into smaller groups of 4 or 6 ATCs and started doing the paintings in groups simultaneously developing 4-6 paintings.

"To paint is to love again" - Henry Miller