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Sick and Weird

Today I feel crummy. I'm staying in bed heading off anything worse that may be incoming. I pillowed myself to sitting and created a lesson plan announcement for AMODA's upcoming exhibition of giant burgers and flying voiceboxes. The purpose of the announcement is to encourage teachers to bring their students to the show. Should be great exhibition. http://www.amoda.org

Promise of Progress
Austin Museum of Digital Art's (AMODA) Exhibition for the Fall 2003 will feature Austin artist David Wilcox and Berkeley-based conceptual artist and UC Berkeley Assistant Professor Greg Niemeyer. The exhibition will feature two installations of Wilcox's large scale digital prints, and Niemeyer's video projection installation, "Organum."

Last night I went to a talk by Richard Florida about the Rise of the Creative Class http://www.creativeclass.org. Florida conducts statistical analysis of economic growth in cities and learned that the most important variable in successful economically growing cities is the number of creative people in the city, not tax breaks and financial incentives. So Austin got high marks for the music scene, the street-life, the art and artists, the public places where people gather and create. A city's number of creative people is the main factor that attracts dynamic companies into an area. Amazing. More weirdos = more local economic growth. And creative people like to live around other creative people so they congregate in certain cities and will move out if creatively stymied or repressed. A popular bumper sticker in Austin is "Keep Austin Weird."

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