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Why I love Vittore Baroni

Today Vittore Baroni sent an announcement that next year is a mail art year of obscure actions. Certain mail artists such as Guy Bleus and Vittore are such great writers that they imbue their project descriptions with high drama -- open-ended dramas started by their definition of creative mysteries to be unveiled by collection/dissemination of mail art or mail artists. The obscure actions can be anything a participating artists wants to do, or not do.

Below is the content of the invitation which also comes with an alchemic printable version. Vittore turns post cards into magic. If you would like the printed invitation please send me email at honoria(at)mailartist.com and let me know if you want the printed version sent to your snail mail address or if you want it sent as an attachment.

OA04: a year of obscure actions
Every 6 years the collective inconscious of the underground creative networks of the planet is stimulated to verify its own identity and state of health through a series of open and decentralized meetings and/or events, held in different corners of the world in the course of 12 months, spontaneously promoted and managed autonomously by the participating individuals.
After the Mail-Art Congress 1986 (MA-Congress 86), the World-Wide Decentralized Networker Congress 1992 (DNC 92) and the Incongruous Meetings 1998 (IM 98), various projects from a „decentralized‰ point of view are already being planned for next year: both in April 2004 Geert De Decker‚s Festival in Belgium and Peter+Angela Netmail‚s Congress in Germany, then the FUN of FUN convention of the Funtastic United Nations in mid-May (keep an eye on the FUN page of the AAA website for more details: www.aaa-edizioni.it), and several other projects will be surely added to this list.
It looks like for the first time the "Congress Year" will not be co-ordinated by a single networker or group of networkers, like it happened until now, but will be the resulting sum of a mixture of different projects and approaches, crossing and overlapping. So we can foresee a lot of Tourism from the part of art boy/girl-scouts and a lot of friendly meetings and back-slapping, which is surely good. But after mail art has become an accepted term in art dictionaries (and part of prestigious Biennials), after networking art has become an household name for cyber-galleries in search of cyber-collectors, I feel the need to retire into obscurity, to leave the crowded museum halls and congress rooms to explore a darker side of the ethereal urge that first lead me to networking practices.
Attached to this message, obscurely directed to a selected number of contacts, you will find a purposedly vague invite to join a campaign for a year of Obscure Actions, that was initially inspired by the ectoplasmic evaporations of the 8th Symposium of Obscure Actions (Lucca, June 1st 2003). Print and distribute the invite at your discretion, participate with your ideas or delete and forget. But you will lose a chance to know more about the vanishing island of Phosgenia and its brain-shaped inhabitants.

MA-C 86 + 6 =
DNC 92 + 6 =
IM 98 + 6 =
a year of Obscure Actions

Obscure not as an ineluctable condition to be endured, but rather as a conscious choice of an intimate, poietic and political alternative to the sole pursuit of the greater possible exposure (fame, wealth, power).

Action at the crossroad between shamanic rite and happening, psychogeographic drift and fluXus gag: a „true‰ metaphorical act, an intensification of experience, a self-induced epiphany.

Maybe a sculpture left anonimously on a road, a novel kept deliberately inside a drawer, a cryptic gesture made in private or amidst a crowd. Maybe a dream recorded on a diary, a dream only memorized, a dream not even recalled. Maybe.

Whoever in the course of the year 2004 will perform one or more Obscure Actions, may decide to document it secretly through photos, drawings, diagrams, descriptions, audiovisual recordings, oneirograms, etc. Whatever documentation will be mailed to the address below until December 31st 2004, will be obscurely circulated on the pages of the Phosgenia bulletin. A copy will be mailed free to all the contributors submitting a return address, but incomplete or anonymous contributions are also accepted.

OA04 c/o Phosgenia
via C. Battisti 339
55049 Viareggio

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