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pinhole camera


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pinhole camera
Prince Charles peering over large dark glasses
Prince Charles denies rumor but won't say what it's about.

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the rumour is two-fold, in case you hadn't heard

One, a male aide or servant claims to have been raped at St James' Palace by another male aide or servant. This rumour isn't new, it has been around for, hmm, at least a year or more to my knowledge. The issue there is that the Palace didn't call in the police to investigate the claim when it was first made, as surely it should have done.

Perhaps more explosively, the other part of the rumour is that someone (the same person? I'm not sure) once witnessed Prince Charles having sex with one of his most trusted aides, Michael Fawcett.

The Palace is trying to discredit the person making the allegations. However, the British public has already heard a tape of Prince Charles telling Camilla Parker-Bowles that he wished he could be her tampon... after that, one could believe nearly anything.

Re: the rumour is two-fold, in case you hadn't heard

I love the whole idea of rumours about rumours.

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