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I thought about putting some parts in the dissertation that are like the parts of Raymond Chandler in which the detective changes consciousness such as when he's been slipped a mickey or beaten unconscious. Chandler wrote these nice coming in and out of consciousness paragraphs and the detective would wake up all woozy Woozy. I wanted to write the change in consciousness that you move between when writing a dissertation on mail art and making mail art.

I made some nice little watercolor valentines. I will send one to Mom and one to Knut and one to John Held Jr. So I moved from the consciousness state of being an expert to being a practitioner, from being a critic to being an artist, from working with words to working with color and form and iconography. Oh I can't believe you used Iconography in a sentence honoria. I can't say that I moved from analytical to some other thing because even making valentines is and isn't analytical. You subconsciously or maybe consciously have the receiver in mind when you make a valentine or any piece of mail art like you have the reader in mind when you write a dissertation, but there is a shift in consciousness with flowing watercolor that always dry in puddles of chaos with delineated edges, maybe the edges are differential equations, I'd have to ask Dr. Mink. Maybe I'll ask Knut. But words don't dry in chaos -- maybe they are chaos in the neurons but there is some controlled form to them when you direct your fingers to put down your thoughts onto paper. So that's why there will be a lot of illustrations in my dissertation because putting images or prints or collage on paper is a different analysis of a problem than you accomplish with words.

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