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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Portfolio Preview
pinhole camera
Dear friends, I just posted my portfolio and would greatly appreciate your comments and bug reports. Please let me know if you see any problems, please include your computer, (Mac or PC), your browser and browser version - that will help.


Thank you!

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Hey Honoria, it looks great to me! I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0 on a PC. Hope your online portfolio will help bring you all the attention you deserve!

Looks good here - I'm viewing on a G4 Mac using Safari as browser.

I think it looks great. I'm using IE 6.0. Colors are beautiful. All the links seem to be working.

Some notes:

The font at the top of the page which reads "portfolio" is not so very attractive. I'm not sure if this is an IE thing, or the font itself, but I'm not fond of it.

Being able to get a bigger view of each category is nice (by clicking on "drawings" for example. But it seems redundant to have the link for "drawings" and all 3 of the drawing images give you the same page. I'd like to see either separate, larger images when you click on the thumbnails or no extra links whatsoever. If that makes sense.

The link to honoria in ciberspazio underlines through and past the comma. (nit picky editor here).

Love and kisses,


Thanks for your detailed comments, Sarah. I fixed the comma underline runon and made the portfolio heading an h2 instead of h1, maybe that's better. The font was chosen a long time ago by Ray Johnson, founder of mail art, who typed on a typewriter with Courier font and it is the traditional mail artists' font. In the beginning of HTML it was called TT. The tt tag creates text in a fixed width typwriter style font. Courier is also the font of EMMA and this portfolio is planned to be a part of EMMA. But that integration is further down the road.

The thumbnail pictures on the portfolio page link to anchors to the specific larger images on the group of three examples page. I decided not to have individual pages for each image so that people could gather a range of examples quickly without too many windows opening or too many clicks. That's just a personal preference so I'll keep it the way it is, but I did find a link on one of the pictures that was going to the wrong spot on the page and fixed it.

Thanks again for the detailed report!!!!

Re: Thanks!

You're welcome, sweetie! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

well i think it's just lovely :-)
*windows xp no problems*

you modesty shines through you know.

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