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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Colette's bed
pinhole camera
Colette writing from bed
Colette writing in bed

Colette spent her declining years in bed, writing on blue paper. I've been coletting ever since Friday's opera, drinking Earl Grey tea, tucked under the covers companioned by a grey and white cat and writing in a blue ibook. I did arise to go to Mafalda's dissertation defense party on Saturday, a movie with Anna on Sunday, and I went to my training session with Lucas today but all the in between hours I've been in bed. I needed to focus, finish the portfolio, work on job applications, and analyze a contract job to bid on. It's a working bed vacation with very little distraction, even the batteries in the radio went too low to hear. I might get up tomorrow, but then I might not. I still have a lot to do and I'm getting a lot done staying in bed.

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(Deleted comment)

not sick just in bed:-)

I've been nesting in bed, not sick. But thanks!

what a wonderful place to work...nested, rested in blue

that sounds like heaven to me. i'm jealous!

Resting and having a young kid do not mix. My son is all grown up and one of the benefits is that I can take a nap on my own schedule. Love seeing your active homelife shots as well as the wonderful photos of natural events captured by your camera.

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