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UT - Austin Job

The more I look at the UT-Austin Radio, Television and Film department's (RTF) job posting for media education/literacy the more it looks like I have all the right stuff, mostly from my masters days and working for a year on the Texas Living Museum a K-12 online project with the Institute for Technology and Learning (ITAL). Its not teaching art, but I'm thinking of applying to the RTF job because the application seems to be building in my head thusly:

I drafted a course description that starts off with history of distance learning, then computer-aided instruction, then takes a tour of Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner sets the stage to draw parallels to multiliteracies through media education in visual design, writing, information structure, interaction, and programming. Several lectures will focus on design elements necessary to include learners with disabilities. Then a few intense weeks for instructional design and integrating the TEKS. The mid-term is a lesson plan for a single class that integrates all this theory.

Mid semester from theory we shift to practice. We research case studies of grass-roots educational media projects and have real teachers talking about their experiences integrating tech into the classroom. Teachers' educational media war stories can be impressive. We talked to a lot of teachers at ITAL and learned very creative ways that teachers can do amazing things with so little. Then we evaluate some of the larger well-funded projects around the web. Taking all these examples as fodder, the end project is to design an educational module that integrates media or is designed for Web-based delivery. Module will include rationale for inclusion into the curriculum, the specific TEKS addressed, and references to supporting research.

That's it. I jotted it all down in my sketch book yesterday

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