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Response to glitter art

Playing with chance watercolor tricks from the Lipscomb book yesterday I made this reply.

2 rows of  3 pink squares with a sun in the upper left, a blue spiral in the upper right and 3 palm trees in the three lower squares

There is the perfect job at the Art Institute of Chicago. Just the ticket for someone who built an online mail art museum and created the first Internet opera! Challenging creative jobs for impresarias are rare and coveted. I'm working on my application!

The Department of Film, Video, and New Media invites applications for an artist working with new media technologies and their current discourses to teach and expand an innovative curriculum. Artists working in Areas such as web-based art, computer-generated images, multimedia performance practices, and other virtual forms are encouraged to apply. This position represents a continuation of the School's leadership and commitment to alternative media forms and practices, emphasizing experimentation, innovation, and the hybridization of existing media and methods of presentation. Candidates should be able to demonstrate the ability and desire to participate in curricular initiatives, be able to work with undergraduate and graduate students in an interdisciplinary, fine arts context, and have advanced proficiency in one or more areas of the media arts. Applicants must have an active professional creative practice.

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