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Multiplayer Watercolor Explosion

I'm going to a party tomorrow night called 2nd Thanksgiving. At this party each attendee gives a short performance. In the past the performances have been from the very personal to the very professional, such as opera singing. I designed a watercolor game for the party based on some of the new things I've been learning. I made cards with specific instructions that guests will apply to one large sheet of watercolor paper divided into quarters. Four people will work on 4 corner paintings at at time and one person will have a blow dryer. The blow dryer is to dry the paint since this is to be a 10 minute performance. Once each person has completed the action described on the card they will relinquish their position on the painting to the next card holder. One of them will take over the blow drying which I expect to be a poplular position of power since the blast of hot air onto the wet paint can profoundly affect the results of each painting. I haven't quite figured out the shift of painters to blow dryers yet. It would be best to have 4 blow dryers but that could get hot and crowded. I want the painting to be on one big piece of paper so that we can see the 4 paintings evolving simultaneously.

The cards have instructions like this:
Multipainter Watercolor Explosion Instruction Card
If there is a line on the painting
Paint another line in a contrasting color next to it
paint a thick line with the wet paint-loaded brush overlapping any object on the painting

Multipainter Watercolor Explosion Instruction Card
Apply a puddle of color to any area of the page. Pull the paint across the page with a credit card. You can use a debit card instead.

Multipainter Watercolor Explosion Instruction Card
Dip a wine cork in any cool color of paint (blue, green, lavender). Print the same number of cork impressions as the last number of the year of the wine onto another area of color on the page.

I plan to get a picture of the group holding up the painting so stay tuned.

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