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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Dry doc
pinhole camera
I just tried to turn on the water but it has been cut off due to construction on the street outside. I can't take a shower, or even wash my face, unless I wash it in cold sparkling water that I have in the fridge.
I just wrote an interview for AMODA education.
Now I'm making Christmas cards and wrapping presents.

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That's a revolting development. Sort of Frostpocketesque. I don't remember specifically, but were you effected by the Great Austin flood of 1982? Seems like Post Oak is close, but my memory is spotty.

Post Oak was high and dry during that flood. There is a high water mark for the flood on the new Lamar pedestrian bridge, lest we forget the time there was actually too much water in Texas!

warming sparkling water

I'm warming sparkling water on the stove for a spit bath. I must go out into the world and send mail!

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