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Women Studies and Art combo

Janet sent notice of a job for Art Education and Women's Studies so I've been doing some searching for courses that overlap these two great categories and found some very fine inspiration!

Dr. Yvonne Gaudelius
This course is designed to give you an overview of women's creative achievements, experiences, and status in the visual arts. This course will explore the portrayal of women and the way in which cultural definitions of gender shape women's aesthetic expression.

women and technologies of visual representation
professor laura sullivan
-- for the past few decades, feminist media theorists have been particularly interested in the role of visual representation in women's oppression. an interdisciplinary course drawing on sociology, media studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, and feminist approaches to art, this course will focus on representations of women in visual technologies. we will consider a range of forms of media: television, print advertising, magazines, photography, video, film, painting, autobiography, documentary, and the world wide web, to investigate the nature of representations of women. towards this end, we will explore some of the central debates within feminist media theory.

Lori Kenschaft's
Introduction to Women's Studies, Humanities Perspectives (1997)
This course studies women as creators and viewers/readers of art. It focuses on novels written in English, especially in the twentieth century United States, and concludes with a study of visual images of women. Its goal is twofold: to explore a handful of significant works that reflect and reflect upon the variable conditions of women's lives, and to raise critical issues related to women as authors, readers, artists, and viewers.

Women and Creativity
Anne Daugherty, Ph. D.
What is creativity? How do women discover, develop, and express their unique creative process? Women and Creativity is a course designed to examine the connection between being female and being creative.  The influence of gender on creative process and creative product will be explored. The lives, personalities, and works of particular creative women will be studied to gain insight, and students will be asked to consider their own creative potential.

Women Studies in the 20th Century
anonymous syllabus
Throughout this course we will examine women's work in the arts with the goal of understanding the historical and contemporary circumstances that shaped and still influence women's career choices. We will attempt to comprehend how social, political and economic factors are reflected in women artists' creations or lack of them.

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