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Love Actually - two thumbs up

Anna, Janet and I went to the movies last night. I thought Love Actually would be a formulaic chick flick suitable for a girls night out, but "actually" it was several chick flicks, each with good actors toungue-and-cheekily weaving the plots together with intriguing contrast, fun cameos, and rewarding complexity. A post modern, high-density chick flick portraying what it's like to be a woman surrounded by numerous simultaneous relationships bubbling, streaming, flooding your awareness all the time. In other words, the movie was good for grown up chicks like us. Hugh Grant's hommage to John Travolta is butterly hilarious. The kid actors in the movie were brilliant. The school play was amazing. The moms and girlfriends were warriors. The men were delightfully flawed creatures who actually came round to some self-understanding and transformations.

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