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My professional life is full of file folders of printouts in various states of completion. The folder contents are building into job applications. Here are some of the job-related to dos in the folders spread around me and my laptop:

- send revised CV to UT-RTF and Art Institute/Chicago
- renew CAA membership and scan jobs listings


ASAP - New Media Arts West Valley Mission College District, CA Art - New Media Arts

5 Jan - Assistant Professor of Art - foundation studio art UT-Tyler
6 Jan - University of Houston - needs John and Mark's letters
15 Jan - Art Ed/Women's Studies Pennsylvania State University
15 Jan - Art Ed University of North Carolina at Greensboro
25 Jan - Media Arts Education Arizona State University

27 Feb - Communications with specialty in new media technology, Southeastern Louisian University

Yesterday I saw the first video in a two-CD set of John Held Jr. lecturing on Mail Art at the University of Moscow. Juri Gik sent it to me and I opened the brown paper wrapping from Russia with my presents on Christmas. John's knowledge of mail art is vast and his slides of pieces from his archive serve as good illustrations. It was inspiring to see his selection of pieces to illustrate various historical developments in the evolution of mail art. Here is a letter from Russia by John Held Jr about the trip:


As always when I see people talking about, looking at, or making mail art, I want to make mail art this minute, scrap all these vanilla manilla folders full of text and make art. I have several pieces in progress: one artist's book for Ruggero's Mail Art in the Mirror project, and one postcard painting for Labyrinth: I find myself in the things lost around the world. I will do a few academic cover letters and then escape to the postal utopian creative world of mail art. I also want to do a piece for Juri's new call.

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