honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

job search continues

- Applied for a studio art teaching position at Limestone College in S.C.
- John Held has recently written an unpublished article on mail art and money that he sent me. It's wonderfully Held with lots of fine historical references and completely different from mine. My research is all in the present about the tensions experienced by mail artists because of the French auction. I'm getting more good material!
- Working on a panel discussion on the aesthetics of social networks for SXSW Interactive in the Spring with 3 others.
Talk: I would like to talk about a pre-Internet international social network that evolved its own systems, aesthetics and traditions using the global postal systems. I will discuss that historic network, the Mail Art Network, as
it adapted to several generations of communication technologies, then talk about a few specific things that I learned from my dissertation research on the effects of the Internet on the Mail Art Network. That brings us up to
the present day...and the next panelist...
Images: I have some nice images of pieces of mail art sent to me on the theme of the effects of the Internet on Mail Art that will make good illustrations.

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