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Gallery show

One of those little cards I hand out (a nude - my favorite nude that I regretted giving away) found it's way to the owner of a new gallery who called to give me a show. I told her that all my work is quite small but she suggested asking some decent prices and then we talked about my idea of grouping some together in the same frame. I haven't had a gallery show in decades because mail art is so satisfying. However I don't feel any conflict between the free mail art exchange and the professional fine art presentation especially in a small family style gallery.

My artist self having been unleashed, I want to realize a couple of Andy Wharholish type degraded photocopy image (copy images of images, deliberately loosing detail) portraits of yoko ono and johnny depp. So I think I'm taking Johnny and Yoko to the Office Depot today. Then I'm thinking of light tabling the results and seeing what a dry brush on Arches watercolor paper will do and then I'm thinking of those oil pastels around the dark areas giving the images colorful auras. Did you see Yoko Ono's yearly peace manifesto in the NYTimes over the holidays? I will apply for at least one job - the one in Santa Cruz - then hit the copier.

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