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hair glue and water soluable oil

I got a fun cheapo haircut. I went into a place called Hair Jazz on the Drag that looks pretty punk at least from the outside & advertises $10.95 hair cuts. So I went in because I always thought I'd try it when I had the nerve & needed to economize. I was met by a pregnant lady with big hair with great highlights & asked if I could get a hair cut. She said yes and told me where to park. By the time I'd gone around the block and parked behind the store, she'd gone into labor and was off to the hospital. My haircut is cute and I got a new bottle of "hair glue" that is packaged in a squirt bottle that looks just like Elmer's. What I didn't spend at the aromatherapy hair cutting joint I did spend on some flourescent pink paint at the art supply store. I've been running out of the W&N flourescent magenta and found it's been discontinued. So I've been looking around and today at Asel's I found some Flourescent pink called Opera!!! Oh yeah! So I bought it. It's a kind of paint I've been wanting to try anyway it's water soluable oil paint called duo paint. I think it may have some of the same qualities as my water soluable oil pastels which are smooth and not gooey. But I haven't so much as squeezed a dollop yet because I'm going to create some cover letters first.

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