honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

I miss my opera

I believe the worst thing about being between incomes is missing my front row opera seat. I can't afford a bad opera seat either, I did buy a $45 ticket, the cheapest seat, to the fall's Turandot and it was too awful, the seat, not the opera. So I am missing Così Fan Tutte this week. I've considered getting very dressed up and telling an usher that I lost my ticket and plopping myself in the front row anyway. The side seats in the front row are never full. I'm not going to sit in the cheap seats again, that's for sure. The lowest I'll go is first balcony but the front row center is really my opera spot. Next season wherever I am, if I have any job at all I'm going back to season tickets in the front row, dress circle.

Today I'm going to scan some new mail art postcards before I send them off to shows.

multicolor grid of bright watercolor rectangles
Mail art is a labyrinth of infinite discoveries.
Labyrinth show in Brazil.

 grid 6 bright blue squares with tropical fish painted in them
Hommage to my home town, Miami, Florida for a show on Sea Side Towns in England.

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