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pinhole camera


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Tango and Art Education
pinhole camera
Knut brought me a wonderful 2-CD set Passion du Tango by Sexteto Mayor. I played it into the evening and finished a syllabus for Art Education and Technology Methods. What a strange combination. I am looking at the syllabus this morning to see how much of the Tango crept into it. Maybe its a good thing if there is tango in the syllabus. Tango or no tango I have to send it off to the University of NC today with all my other job application materials. My poet friend Joe Smith send me an electronic version of a book of his poems to set to images, possibly to sell as cards. What do you think of this combo for an art greeting card for sale in an art gallery?

This literary art project has some tango for sure:

pen and ink drawing of female nude model

These ropes of moonlight
round our bodies
belong to the goddess of love.

When she knows
we’re hitched up good and tight,
knotted haunch to haunch,
she’ll come put live coals
on our tongues

just to hear us howl
the first letter of the alphabet,
the first syllable of her name.

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Hot stuff! I like the poem and the drawing is a perfect complement. Drawn from a live model or memory?

It's a drawing of a model in a life drawing class - size 2.5x3.5 inches. Glad to hear your positive feedback.

Howling at the moonlight

I think it is a wonderful combination, my friend. Your live drawing is both sexy and a tad ambiguous as to the actual gender of the figure, which makes it even more fun and evocative.

I like his poetry... earthy.... naughty.

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