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The UT Distance Learning interview that I was not looking forward to was actually fun. They have 5 jobs and 100 applicants. I survived the first cut to be one of 30 people to go through the group interview. They interviewed 5 of us at once and we had 3 tasks to complete. First we had 15 minutes to collaborate on an educational module and present it to our interviewers. Our team did IE preferences: appearance, cookies, and plug ins. I think we all did a great job on that -- I took the role of project manager and we came in right on time with a 6 slide presentation with a beginning, middle, and end. Hurray. Tamara was also in the interview so we had a rapport that spilled over to the team. Then we had 5 minutes to present a Web site we'd worked on in the capacity of web writer/editor/information designer and I did the Accessibility Institute. Finally, we had to edit two text samples in 1/2 hour and put it into html without an editor. I concentrated on content chunking and feel good about that task too. So it was an action-packed interview, if I was hiring I'd hire us as a group because we were so efficient and collaborative.

Now I have to finish the art framing for delivery tomorrow to the gallery.

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