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Snow dump in Texas

The opening of Land Arts of the the American West last night at Creative Research Laboratory was such fun! Ledia's pile of snow was a real hit. She had a dump truck of shaved ice unloaded in the parking lot in front of the building. Kids and adults played in it, made snowmen, threw snowballs. The snow installation was the most interactive and most photographed piece!

After the exhibit I had dinner with Anna and some friends: Mark from zebraimaging, Dana, director of the Austin Museum of Art, Rino, a prof in RTF and Sally, a cool holography artist. I gave one my artist trading cards to Sally who showed the whole stack of them around to everyone else who all took one. Mark took a Coloring Johnny Depp card and so did Anna - I only made 2 of them so now they are all gone I'll have to replenish and I didn't scan them to post. Dana chose a Ray Johnsonesque Bunny, and knows who Ray Johnson is, so we had a nice fast talk about Ray and my dissertation. It's good to put my cards in the hands of artists and art professionals because their feedback is much more fun than the puzzled responses of more customary business card exchangers.

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