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Private painting lesson

I gave my first official private painting lesson to a law professor who is going on a watercolor tour of Tuscany soon. She wanted to start training and we had a great time playing watercolor discovery boot camp. She has no experience with painting except as an engaged appreciator, and one who has friends who paint. We started with dabs of each color on 5 peices of different kinds of wc paper and dragging water across them and trying out all her new brushes. Then we painted wet on wet, dry bush, scumbling, color on color mixing, finally we looked at what the white opaque paint does when mixed, overpainted, and underpainted with the transparent colors. Next time I'm going to introduce her to gouache work more with the brushes and get into a sneaky form of drawing. She has a nice second stossrsy deck and, if the weather is good, we'll paint on the table on her deck and draw lines based on the trees around the house. Best to get into the pleine aire aspect right away because it's easy to be overwhelmed by landscape. She said I was a natural teacher, and that she knew what she was talking about. I also gave her homework, to read the esssay, To Paint is to Love Again by Henry Miller and to copy a piece of any wc painting she admires. I have to have a record of my students for my teaching portfolio and I might get a digital camera to record her work as well as my new work. I also showed her what whiteout does over wet blue paint to form clouds.

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