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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Depps and Yokos
pinhole camera
I finished two depps and two yokos last night and started to write haiku for the images. Here's one for Johnny:

photo of Johnny Depp with watercolor collage
Rolling high seas in
your gold-toothed libertine smile,
pirated captive

and one for Yoko:

photo of Yoko Ono overpainted with watercolor and gouache
wholy imagined
peace in passionate fluxus
lifelong performance

I have a scanner problem that keeps me from posting the new graphic work with the poems. I just learned that there is a Haiku slam coming soon that I'd love to see/hear.

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i like the one of johnny depp....i was looking for one of him on google and it just gave me this link so i thought i would comment....bye


yeah, i got this on one of the links to johnny depp's pics or something...
i like both of them. theyre really good!

hmm, it seems that your site comes up a lot on google searches for johnny, and as a fellow artist i would like to say that it is a fantastic piece

I was surprised when I did a google image search for Johnny that this came up. I have a whole series of Johnny collages and watercolors. Maybe I'll post some more. Thank y'all very much for your kind words.

Re: wow

hey well, i am not only a j.d. fan, but an artist aswell. and as an artist i wanted to tell you that i really lik your collage, it is extremely....well i cant find the right word, but you get he point.
thanks for sharing your art!

I was looking up johnny depp pictures online and this lj entry came up. Great pistures they original? You have talent.

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