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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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great gray day
pinhole camera
It's a great day to be an unemployed artist. Outside it's rainy and cool but inside is warm and full of paintings in progress. Ian's androkles fantastic summer Australian sea is lapping my virtual toes. The art show party was full and fun with lots of friends and overlapping extended families of artists.

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I'm sorry we missed the art show opening, sweetie. How long are your paintings up? You know I'm not so mobile these days...


Hi Sarah, We missed you at the party but happy to see your representative. My part in the gallery is a corner installation of my little paintings on glass shelves and will be up for a month. Then I will replace these with new ones. I am not in the front rooms where a different featured artist does a show each month.

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Your journal has become a stimulating part of my day. I feel a kinsip with your adventures with art, ocean, and botany and I am inspired to follow you into digital photography:-) Maybe a camera is in my birthday followup future:-)

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