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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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happy my birthday
pinhole camera
Today is the day to plant the traditional nasturzi. The mail man told me there are some nasturtium seeds on the way in the mail - there was some postage due on them but they should arrive today. Last night I made 2 postcard collages and 2 Depp trading cards. Then I finally cleaned my palette which had some rather calcified watercolors on it. Today is the job interview then lunch with Anna and later dinner with Knut. If I get the job I'm going to get the digital camera with the Leica lens.

2:30 Update: The nasturtiums seeds are in the ground the sun is shining and I'm off to water the colors.

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have a lovely, flower-planting, job-interviewing, lunch-munching, dinner-eating, friend-hugging day!

Interview went well!
I interviewed with 6 people in 4 offices.
Lunch was fabulous.
The sun is warm and lovely, clouds are paintable and moving, so we are going to work outside this afternoon. I'm doing a close and far away watercolor lesson clouds and closeups.

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