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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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life drawing
pinhole camera
line drawing of male nude reaching up male nude mass drawing with charcoal, back view

monday til midnight
drawing to mad music mix
in a cool stone cave

Last night David was the model, always operatic and strong. I've been drawing him in many classes over the years and he's a conisistently inspiring model. Marty gave me the Daniel Smith Lapis Lazuli watercolor for my birthday. It's very delicate and lovely.

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Very nice... I like! I need to work on some drawings myself. I can't find the paper I want: black, smooth, cold press (probably best for me), 18x24 in and larger, and a good price. :-)

Check out the Somerset black paper in the Daniel Smith catalog on page 132. There's also Fabriano Ingres Cover Heavy-weight on page 135 which is 19.5 x 27.5 inches at 1.19 per sheet. What kind of drawings are you planning?

Re: black paper places

Here are two drawings I'm currently exhibiting: http://www.art3st.com/artprojects/index.html. Both are chalk, one on masonite painted black, the other is wood painted black.

I like your white on black drawings, especially with their ghost images. I reuse paper with ghost images on it. I value paintings that, although failures in their first attempt, can be ghosted with gesso, even black gesso, to achieve a magical kind of underpainted surface from which to evolve new work. Thanks for the link to your drawings. Please let me know if any jobs open up in Miami & environs - I can teach foundations as well as art & technology classes:-)

My art dept. is currently reviewing for a foundations position. Sorry. Do you get Chronicle of Higher Education? It has almost every available faculty job in the US and many overseas.

Yes, I've been looking at the Chronicle quite a bit (I love Ms Mentor's column on the jobs page), also Higheredjobs.com and the CAA online career page. What is your school? University of Miami? Today I applied to the University of Tampa and UC San Diego for new media artist/assistant professor jobs. I have evolved an efficient job application materials assembly system. Has the deadline passed for the job at your school? If there's time, I'll assemble my stuff and throw my sunhat into the ring.

Re: combing the chron

I teach at FAU = Florida Atlantic Univ. a state school. UM=Univ of Miami is private but, I'm not gonna say one good thing about that institution except they have an excellent library (which the public cannot use) and the Lowe Museum is a fantastic resource for the area. They rejected my MFA application which means I had to get loans however, Vermont College was SO much better for me in the long run because it's independent study and self-designed. I excelled in that environment. :-))

Re: combing the chron

Sorry, I guess I didn't say it clearly enough, the applications are currently being reviewed. No further applications are being accepted. I didn't apply although I use more media than at least two applicants I know about. However, I'm happy to say with photography and my fellow photo prof. wants me there so, why change? I'm pretty certain I'll be back in the fall. Summer is my worry. I just want to make sure I don't add any credit card debt with another summer of little work. It should be better this time since the previous photo prof. has retired. :-)

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