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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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my two sons
pinhole camera

building muscle mass
in family lineage
starbucks at the gym

My two sons, Lucas and Josh at the gym. It's fun to have Josh in town.

And I applied to three jobs today: to teach drawing and painting at the University of Houston, foundations at Lane Community College in Oregon, and synergy 'twixt art & tech at the Ringling School in Florida.

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Oh my gawd... Lane CC? That's close to Eugene. I love that city. Univ. Oregon at Eugene has a visiting prof. position you should also apply for. It has a long list of applicants but if you get there, you'll love it. And, if you do go to Oregon invite me out! :-)

I lived in Eugene for a year way back in the whens. I agree, it's very nice but it does rain for 9 months of the year which can be hard on a Floridian or a Texan. I think I'm a combo of both. I hadn't seen the University of Oregon job listing but I'll look. Today I applied to Marshall University which makes the 40th job application I've sent out in 2004! Now I'm writing to Kent State's poor search committee members who are desperately seeking a drawing instructor.

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