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Goodwill and Thinking in Art

Shopping therapy
fondling fine-fabric fashions
Goodwill's slashed prices!

I found some fine things at Goodwill yesterday. Two Chico tops, a stretchy wine red long sleeved fancy top and a back & white summer flowy fake picabia shirt.

I'm reading Thinking in Art: A Philosophical Approach to Art Education by Charles M. Dorn. I'll probably use some of the chapters in art courses because of the discussions about art making and art viewing as thinking in art. Dorn uses three paradigms to describe philosophical approaches for art educators.

1 - form-gestalt paradigm describes aethetic activity as a response to aesthetic form, or the wow factor of a situation, forms contain feelings or as Paul Klee said, "syntheses of outward sight and inner vision."
2 - schema-motif paradigm integrates expections and observations into the art-making thinking processes. Artists see what they paint rather than paint what they see. Schema -motif is not a duplicate of the real world but a mental device embodied in Nicholides' Natural Way to Draw and Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
3 - linguistic-metaphorical paradigm views art as a concept based on methaphocial symbols interpreted through language and is based in anthropological methods of art based on models offered by primitive cultures' world of myth and ritual.

Dorn uses the paradigms to break down barriers between studio art, art history as well as other fields and to integrate teacher values into the curriculum.

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