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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Koi Day
pinhole camera
two watercolors of orange koi swimming in blue rippling water
Zilker gardens swim
with people flowers and fish
growing toward the sun.

Today the stress of spending 6 months looking for a job with little or negative feedback got to me. But I fought back! I have a new watercolor book that rants against all earth tones. Armed with the anti-earth tone manifesto I applied the book's logic to the earthy environment in the gardens. Much digging was in progress, by both the gardeners transplanting new seedlings and the builders of a new foundation for a walkway to the dinosaur garden through the rose garden near the iris bed. The koi pond was quiet with a nice bench nearby. A flood of young punky looking students soon came by - their pink hair was another anti-earthtone statement.

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Viva anti-earthtones!

I'd take you out for a festive meal, if you were here....since you aren't, I'll just send you virtual bouquet. Nice WC btw, I especially like the bottom one.

Re: Viva anti-earthtones!

Since you already created, by hand, the most festive meal of my life I REALLY appreciate the thought. Some good jobby is waiting in my wings and teaching art is really my gig. Speaking of which, I'd like to use you photo of Donna and the scarf with the haiku in my portfolio.

Re: Viva anti-earthtones!

Sure that would be my pleasure

Not a digital photo, so I only have a small jpg. I don't know where the negative is either.

Re the meal, you are talking about the finocchio, gnochi extravaganza, right?

That's the best blog I've seen this century! Thanks, Honoria.

Do you mind if I ask my class to add you to their "friends" list in LJ? As it turns out, there's no other easy way to share new friends with a group. Do you happen to know otherwise? I'd be glad to know.

Keep rokkin

Since my goal is to become an art teacher, can I add your students to my teaching experience on my CV? Welcome Aggies! I don't know any other way except the friends option.

Howdy! I'm one of Prof. Burkart's students. I just wanted to say how much I liked you watercolor. It really reminded me of a beautiful day in Zilker park.

It WAS a wonderful day in Zilker Park and I hope to do some more paintings there soon. Maybe with my students.

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