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I love teaching

Today I had another wonderful private class with my intense and brilliant student, Z. We worked through the colors on her palette experimenting with intensity and dilution which is really fun because she has the best paints in the world - Windsor & Newton. We also discussed the confidence she will need to work outside in Tuscany with the other watercolor students. She is a powerful and brilliant woman but in this one area of painting she feels hesitant. I know she will flourish in Italy and the other painters will be in awe of her because she is so bold and different. Soon I'll urge her to Zilker to paint amongst the other garden visitors. My two students and I are going to the Harry Ransom Center to a private viewing of the Henry Miller watercolors in the collection. My private students' text is Paint as you Like and Die Happy by Henry Miller. I know my students will be inspired by Miller's naive and bold paintings.

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