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While I'm looking for jobs, Knut is looking to buy a place instead of continuing to rent. So we drive around town from for sale sign to for sale sign and have been working with a cool friend who is a realtor. Together we are in parallel collaborative and supportive states of lifestyle change.

Meanwhile I stopped reading Dorn's Thinking in Art after 4 chapters because it was too, too, too theory-driven. I applied to some art education jobs but I am realizing I don't want to teach teachers about art; I want to teach directly to students of art about art, thus, I'm reading through art foundations texts. Now I'm reading Itten's The elements of color, a passionate and scientific exploration. "The primeval essence of color is a phantasmagorical resonance, light becomes music," from page 8. I want to read some Bauhaus teaching texts too. I've read some Kandinsky...and gathering more artists on art writings - any suggestions? I also started a little abstract color series of the earth tones contained/restrained by primaries, secondaries, and bleeding (wet on wet) pure colors.

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