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Henry Millered

The Harry Ransom Center staff put out 12 Henry Miller paintings for my watercolor students to view. Rosemary invited her friend Joe who is a Miller scholar and he brought with him a battered & underlined & notated & falling-apart paperback of Black Spring. Joe read passages about painting as we looked at the paintings and even though it was a shhhhish kind of library setting, we got into animated conversations punctuated with the read voice of Miller being naughty about watercolor painting. One of the paintings had been made for Bern Porter, it even had Bern Porter's business card attached to it. I was called upon to talk about who Bern Porter is. It was good that my Russian mail art friend Juri had recently sent his wife's lecture on Bern Porter for me to edit, and that there has been a drive to send Bern Porter mail art when he moved from the hospital to another facility so my information was pretty fresh. I'm going to send Bern (Hi Bern!!!) this post in fact. Anyway, I told the reserved-but-impressed collection staff about Bern's manifesto on SciArt and we read Miller watercolor quotes and looked at the pictures and it was wonderfully scholarly in an avant garde gleeful way.

and here's the haiku version:
I'm Henry Millered
bathed in watercolor washed
literary smut.

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