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teach/learn shadows

shadow and reflections of a pitcher of water painted in blue watercolor

teaching and learning
reflect each other like light
glancing off water

Here is a demo from yesterday's lesson. I painted this directly from a shadow cast by a glass pitcher full of water onto the paper. I drew the white lines in oil pastel following exactly the white reflections and refractions cast on the paper. Then I applied a blue wash in the darker shadow areas and a less saturated wash in the lighter areas. Off to the side of the pitcher image are little demo drawings in graphite using white oil pastel to blend. The two graphite rectangles were already on the page when I cast the shadow. Shadow drawings are an efficient way to capture a drawing shape on a page. The drawing doesn't have to be of the thing that's casting the shadow, for example, draw a shadow of a small weed with branches and you will have what looks like a tree depending on the scale of the other things in the painting. Shadow painting is a flexible tool for compositional play but now I really love shadow painting glass objects with water in them.

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