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Good Mail/Male/Hair Day

I applied to the University of Virginia to be the new new media artist, and to a very interesting interdisciplinary program in Arts & Letters at Prescott College in Arizona. And! I didn't receive any letters of rejection:-) Instead, I got a letter from M. Florant, the Modern Art gallery dealer who is doing a mail art auction sometime soon in Paris. He said my questions were very interesting and that he was going to call me for the interview. Wow! I also received a nice thank you for the Mouse Age mail art show that I posted a while back.

Since I'm giving a talk at the SXSW Interactive Conference on Saturday I decided to get my hair cut. There's a new guy at Hair Jazz named Larry, a shy Texas barber, not at all the stylist type but his hair looked like what I wanted and he was the next in line to cut. Now my hair looks like Larry's and I love it. Short, almost a flat top, but texturized and it really shows off my nice gray blonde streaks.

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