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Quiller Wheel
pinhole camera
Yesterday at the art supply store I found a fun color wheel based on pigment names, like Permanent Alizarin Crimson, instead of common color names like red. The colors are also noted in terms of media: watercolor, oil, and acyrlic. Of course, I bought three pimary colors named on the wheel and have been doing little primary paintings with them to go along with the color theory refresher course I'm giving myself.


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I'mu gonna get me one of them thar things. 10 bucks, not bad. My color theory is just that, a theory! I'm taking your art school, by proxy. Bought some watercolors too, and some sketch pads. Whoo hoo!

happy andrew's birthday

It's a really fun colorwheel, kind of like a manifesto of a gadget, has attitude, like the guy who rejected all earthtones last week. I also bought one of those round little palettes. It makes thinking in terms of color wheeling and dealing easy. I made a burnt sienna hat flying over the primaries for you...in the mail soon. Happy Andrew's birthday.

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Yes, as soon as I saw that color wheel I just had to have it. After working with my students new to using colors, the Quiller's wheel information is really handy, especially when my students are trying to decide what colors to buy for their own personal palettes. R bought a set that had two tubes called yellow but one was brownish and one was too pale to be used as a primary. Quiller it seems has critics who have their own versions. For example Bruce MacEvoy offers a different wheel on the same theme:


McEvoy also provides a guide on how to make your own color wheel.


I've been making some little fast ATC color wheels using different pigments that I have for the red, blue, and yellow positions. I just put a picture of Johnny Depp in the middle of one for my Depp series and I made it spinning with motion lines. I'm going to get a big sheet and paint ALL my colors in the form of a color wheel, and I have some weird ones like the lapiz lasuli from Daniel Smith that Marty have me for my birthday and luminescent and metalic watercolors too. It will take forever! And how about all my colors of glitter glue?

Re: Color Wheel as you like it

and spin happily, or in other words, "Art means you do it whatever way makes sense for you. One of the pleasureful puzzles of painting is the process of continually rediscovering your personal color wheel, rather than memorizing somebody else's "perfect" color system."

from http://www.handprint.com/HP/WCL/palette1.html

Note on "earth" colors.
Traditionally, a large number of unsaturated warm or green pigments were made from natural clays mined throughout Europe and the Middle East. In modern watercolors these clays have been almost entirely replaced by mixtures of many different synthetic iron oxide pigments. However, these are still referred to as "earth pigments" in the art materials literature, and the term "hue" is routinely omitted by paint manufacturers from paint marketing names, even when a "raw sienna" contains no clays mined in Italy (or anywhere else) and a "terre verte" contains absolutely no terre. The label "earth" is applied to these and similar synthetic organic pigments because they have a less saturated (duller) hue than paints described as "dull yellow," "dull red" or "dull green."

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