honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

SXSW over

The SXSW interactive festival is over. The event began to be fun after my panel. I actually thought our panel was not all that successful because it got into wheel spinning. In particular, I didn't feel my presentation was well received, but at a party afterward some people came up to me and told me they liked it because my presentation was the one of four that was most about aesthetics. Heath Row blogged it at fast company
In hindsight I should have talked about the color wheel. Our panel got off track and deeply into the aesthetics of Friendster, which even its originator says is shallow. My focus was on using social software to deeply and pervasively embed aesthetics into our daily communications technologies especially to facilitate art forms. But after the panel, I could relax and I hung out with some cute fun smart girls from http://web.tickle.com who are friends with Knut. I went to a panel with artists who are also game designers & an online dating panel that was very funny with an outstanding woman researcher from Tickle amongst a pack of men with much lesser communication skills, except for Lane, who was a great moderator. The Tickle researcher was brilliant and I was so proud in my feminism. Justin Hall bought me barbeque for lunch as I held the table at the Iron Works for a flash mob of hungry SXSWers. I told Justin that he reminded me a bit of Andy Wharhol's factory with the celebrity the technology and his use of friends in his life as elements of his public (webbed) persona. My my hand-painted business cards were a big hit with almost everyone.

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