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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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the blues
pinhole camera
honoria in a blue shirt holding up a page containing a grid of 12 small watercolor sketches
cobalt blues twilight
with tulips and paintbrush blooms
good spring tonic

I've had the blues lately and combating them by an effort to deepen my understanding of the various blues available in watercolor tubes. Today I bought cobalt blue tone (very grainy and fabulous) and cobalt blue deep - too stainy for what I want in my wet sky washes. I also bought some gum arabic and some frisket. I've not used either, so I'm experimenting. This photo is a page of testing out the new media techniques and some Indian Paintbrush from yesterday at the lake and tulips from Knut's front garden. Fun stuff. But before I head back into the color fields, I have to apply to 2 jobs and meet my job search quota.

cat laying on cement porch with red tulips blooming in the foreground

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(Deleted comment)
Oh yes, Prussian blue is great too, thanks. I'm using a round color wheel type palette and just squirting in various combos of red blue yellow, the primaries, and mixing the secondaries from those combos for a series of undocumented pretty freeform experiments. I'm reading about color and I'm also making stuff up as I go along.

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