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rolling ironing board wc easel

Today in my mind I invented a new plein air watercolor easel based on an ironing board. I believe in doing a series of watercolors all at once. One is color scheme idea, one concentrates on composition, one is a frantic response, one is languid response and one is a logical painting. If you put all these in a row you can see them simultaneously and they will be part of your thinking processes...of course you can scatter them around you and have sight access, but if you want to work on them together that's where my ironing board easle comes in. Basically it's an ironing board with wheels on one end so you can fold up your board and have something like a plank wheelbarrow. If you add a lip/shelf at the bottom you can put your picnic basket of supplies and roll the whole thing up and down hill and dale. Now to build one.

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