honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Sarah's engaged

At the family Easter potluck and 2nd birthday of Jeff & Debbie's 8 hens Sarah called from Ecuador. Over Loren's speaker phone Sarah announced her engagement to Sean to the whole family. We all hooted and hollered our congratulations. Then the Mullins brothers, all three now with girl weddings in their field of expertise, compared strategies and prices for marrying off the girls.

Lucas discussed becoming a fireman with Jeff. Knut discussed modernist modular homes with George. The food was fabulous as always. Colleen made coconut fried shrimp in lime red pepper curry sauce. We made artichokes. Debbie made kabobs. Wendy made her 7 layer dip. Katie is large with child. Even though a norther blew in with rains and cool winds, Spring is in the air.

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