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Seeing into the Digital Future

Back into high gear organizing the Austin Museum of Digital Art's installation at the Run Tex Interactive Village on the Capitol grounds on Saturday. I am working with an intensely talented team. We have been laying the groundwork for the event, but still there is much to do. Brian made a graphic to go with the event. It's on our home page at http://www.amoda.org/ . Eric is setting up the technical aspects of the educational interactive part of the installation in which kids take pictures of each other's eyes and we create a rather surreal pyramid of eyeballs a la Man Ray's metronome. Amy is a math teacher working to define the educational experience for the kids. Marty is the PR person who is also organizing the giveaways and membership information for the schwag bags.

Today at 2:30 I have another interview - phone interview. This job is near the coast. It's good to have interviews instead of regrets letters! I found 3 more jobs to apply to - today's job market goal.

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