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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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printed the whole thing
pinhole camera
I printed the whole 127 pages of my dissertation file. (not including the message board chapter or the Ruud chapter, about 30 pages each). The pile of warm paper contains the raw data questionnaires and their answers. I will cut apart all the questions and hang them in groups to flutter in the spring breezes for a while and play with them as collages and let their contents waft through my brain cells, ha ha. I'll get some wide white ribbon and staple the answers to my questions onto long kite tale looking streamers. I will eventually install them in the exhibition with the mail art. I will put this description in my methods section to see if anyone on my committee says anything. I'll expect a chuckle from Dr. Mink.

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It would be a cool cover.....

If one took the questions, made them into a literal kite tail (attached to a rather academic looking dragon kite, needless to say), and then took a photo and then rendered the photo in 8 1/2 x 11, that would sure make a cool adhesive to liven up a dissertation binder....

Re: It would be a cool cover.....

Love it! What an Idea!
I have to go get that ribbon now.
I spent all weekend outside with my boyfriend reading a funny grammar book and not buying ribbon.

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