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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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obscure action
pinhole camera
watercolor and conte abstract painting with blues, pinks, and yellows

Kiyotei's post box
obscure action and post card
stained window future

This is a postcard for Kiyotei. It started out as a demo sketch in the garden and has drawings on both sides. It is part of the series of meditations on the primaries and the earth tones. The conte crayon bistre is the classic earth tone medium and the watercolors are the transparent pure tone counter message. It unconsciously developed an aura of a stained glass window.

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And a beautiful window into your world it is!

Thanks, I loved getting this postcard last week. Wasn't sure of the process used to create it until I ran across this entry in your Blog.

Very cool to know the background of pieces I've received.

More love coming back your way in the near future.

take care friend.


Sometimes pieces sit around until suddenly the person to address them to connects to the piece. At that point when a recipient is identified, the connection might influence further work on the piece, like this one did once it was connected to you. I have so many addressless floating-world pieces in progress all the time that it messes with my art studio feng shui. I have not figured how to organize the resulting flow of creative chaos in my living space. I guess that's why artists have separate studios but for me living and art working as part of my daily flow.

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