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F5 Reload :: Mail Art Call

Mail Art Invitation:

Isabel Aranda * yto.cl * (visual - digital artist) and Ismael Frigerio director of the Center of Visual Arts of Santiago CAVS. invite you to participate in the International call of Mail Art : F5 Reload that will be exposed in the CAVS, Santiago de Chile.

F5 Reload. Reload your art.
New means in the art. Technology, communication and vanguard.

F5 Reload is the key of the computer that is used to reload the files that are visualizing. Make your own "reload". Send a work that integrates the new means in the art. It can be in the technique or in the topic. Theoretical texts are also received. What do you understand for "new means?"

Size: A4 or free.
Technique: Free.
Deadline: July 31 2004

The works will be exposed in the C.A.V.S (Center of Visual Arts of Santiago).

No Jury. No return of the work.
All the works will be published in the web site : www.escaner.cl/artepostal
(except those that surpass the 300 kb.)
Not forget send e-mail address please! I want inform and send
participation certificates through e-mail. If you don't have address e-mail you please inform me.

Isabel Aranda
yto.cl F5 Reload
Casilla 140 - Santiago 11. Santiago de Chile.

Only Digital animations through e-mail: ytoaranda@lycos.es or
(or if you have problems to pay the postal mail)

Here is my response sent in the mail to Chile:

New Means in Art/New means in Mail Art
Artistic Action Blog - honoria

One new means in art and technology is the artistic action blog.

Blog is short for "Web Log".
Web = World Wide Web, the Internet
Log = dated record of activities such as a diary
Artistic Action Blog = record of artistic activity posted on a blog

Here is a print of recent entries in my artistic action blog for the F5 – ReLoad call.

I started an artistic action blog after studying discussions on several Mail Art message boards on the Internet.

I chose a blog community that supported incorporating images with text. I record some of my mail art activities as well as my thoughts on art processes on a blog at honoriartist.livejournal.com.

There is also a livejournal mail art community www.livejournal.com/community/mailart

An artistic action blog is simultaneously a closed and open system. It is closed and personal because the blog reflects only my individual activities and written thoughts. The blog is also an open system because it is on the Internet and does not require a password to read it and to see the images.

The simultaneous private and public nature of the artistic action blog is a new technological reflection of mail art and the Mail Art Network. In mail art the closed system is the one-to-one exchange of mail that happens within an open system of international exchange and exhibition of mail art. Mail art’s constant exchange creates a vast and always changing network that now uses the Internet as a means of display and distribution. The Internet is being loaded into the Mail Art Network’s systems by mail artists.

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