honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Turner at the Kibell

My mind is not made of gray matter today because it is still refracting layers of color, color flows, color compositions, paper shining through watercolors, all jewel set in paintings by JMW Turner. Z and I flew to Dallas/Fort Worth yesterday and spent the whole day in the Turner and Venice exhibit of 128 watercolors and 33 oils. We skipped over the oils and dove into the watercolors, each was magic, brilliant, and inspiring. It is very rare to have so many Turner watercolors on display. Everyone in love with color, watercolor, and/or Venice y'all transport right now to Fort Worth and go to the show. http://www.kimbellart.org/exhibitions/exh_file.cfm?id=108

The paintings are beyond belief. I am heartbroken that I will probably never see any of them again. However, I found so many new points of departure for my own work that I may be able to cope with their fleeting entrance and exit in my life. Z and I each now have the big fat catalog but the color reproductions are, of course, inacurate. The book displays grosser shadows of the many great color watermedia moments captured in the paintings.

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